Training Structure


Spiritual Leadership Enhancement Training (SLET)


Leading from a spiritual state of consciousness, from the state of Being, means having access to that state. If you have access to it, you are in that state. Normally this is only for a short period. If you want to enlarge that period, coming from your personality will not help you in accessing, it will even hinder you. So what to do?


One area of the development consists of strengthening your consciousness. You can learn, train that capacity intentionally. This would include an

·         awareness training

·         consciousness training,

·         assessment of already open accesses to the state of Being.


A second area of the development consists in retrieving your former access to the state of Being.  

The retrieving training would include

·         Inquiries into the archetypes of sovereign, warrior, magician and lover and their shadows.

·         Inquiries in glories, normality and traumata of your leadership experiences

·         Inquiries into your leadership “issues”.


The work will concentrate on your personal experiences of leadership and on your personal capacities and competencies.


I integrate in my work Roberto Assagiolis Psychsynthesis,  Arnold Mindells Processwork, Cliff Barrys Shadowwork and the Diamond Approach of A.H. Almaas.


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