Effects and Benefits


of your Spiritual Leadership Enhancement Training (SLET)



With the time the chance is improving, that you find yourself in a state of Being while leading. At the beginning this will be very seldom and for seconds first. Then, if you go on with your development, you will be in that state more and more and for a longer duration.



What would you gain personally?

Enhancement of

·         inner strength,

·         calmness,

·         clarity,

·         identity,

·         brilliance etc.


What would you gain for taking on the demands of leading in a global context?

Enhancement of

·         humbleness,

·         truth,

·         freedom from identifications etc.


What would your followers or the people led by you gain from you?

Enhancement of

·         Absence of corruption and regression,

·         inclusion of the people while coming from a state of love,

·         lack of being pulled by from the unconsciousness (personal, group and cultural).



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© Dr. Volker Buddrus