Dr. Volker Buddrus

The Spiritual State of Consciousness

The spiritual state of consciousness is a special state of consciousness like the state of the  awake personality, the state of dreaming, the state of play etc. Each state of consciousness can be differentiated by the experiencer from other states through the experience of certain characteristics .
The spiritual state of consciousness includes some aspects which are constantly experienced and other aspects which can vary.

Constant aspects:

Here and now - Only presence is experienced.
No duality - There is no experience of an I which notices or experiences an object, e.g. "I" am "reading" or "I" am reading a "book" or "The flue" caught "me".
No time - There is no experience of the passing of time because there is no identification with the concept of time. If I see a clock turning I can notice the turning but it does not affect me.
Completeness - There is no experience of being drawn towards something or being pushed by something.

Variable aspects:


Many spiritual and mystical school agree in that definition, although they may vary in details. I am influenced in this definition by the works of A.H. Almaas.


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