Discover the wealth of Immediacy


What is going on in the moment, in the actual situation, is much more than the normal awareness takes on as reality. The normal approach can be seen like a snap shot picture. You aim at what attracts your attention most. Snap shots lack mostly depth of focus. Developing the capacity of immediacy means sensing into what is immediate, what is going on in the very moment and ask for “what else is present”. Immediacy is not like a snap shot but more like a landscape.

Especially with the negotiation aspect of leadership getting more information about what is going on is very important.


Example: Conflict situations are a common ground for leadership. Part of the escalation process is a narrowing of your awareness. You are fixed on the opponents and loose contact to signs of de-escalation. So you miss the point to cool down the conflict early. With the question in mind “and what else is here?” you are more able to see changes in the energy field of the conflict situation.


© Dr. Volker Buddrus