Enhance your presence


Your presence is the way you are while leading. This is what you are radiating to the persons led by you. This is the way you impress those persons by your pure being. From great actors is demanded to expand their presence to reach each person of a whole audience.

Your presence is a meta-skill in itself. At the same time it is the gateway for other meta-skills to shine through. In a multi-cultural global leadership setting you are to radiate your presence to reach persons from different cultures who will react to different.


Sensing presence

The more you are able to be present, the more you are able to be aware of the presence of others. This is extremely important in meetings and conferences. You are able to decerne how much your partner is really here.


Example: You come identified with a leadership role into an unknown group. The presence (atmosphere) of the group is very important for you because you are a stranger and you are in a leadership role. You don’t want to be burned. You need to sense the presence of the group and its flow of changing. You need to sense your own presence: how you are there in the situation, how far your presence reaches, what qualities (inner peace, identity, fear etc.) do you exert through your presence and what reactions do you get to them.



© Dr. Volker Buddrus