In leading situations, especially in leading meetings or congregations, a change in the focus of awareness is often helpful. You change from a sharp to a soft and wide focus and back. With the attention on the sharp focus you are concentrated on a clear defined object. You stay with your awareness on this object and leave little awareness on the rim of the situation. With the soft awareness you are open to what comes within your scope of awareness. The term fishing comes because this change of focus resembles the process of fishing. With a sharp focus you prepare and throw out the bait. Then you wait with a soft focus until the blinker moves. With that you change into the sharp focus again.


Example: you moderate a group process. After establishing the rules and starting the processes you lean back and let the others work. But you are still with a wide awareness with the group and you get all the necessary information. When anything in the workflow changes your awareness gets sharp. You get up and intervene.


© Dr. Volker Buddrus